GHS TECHIZO Alarm offers intruder alarm solutions which combine a deep customer understanding with world-leading technologies. We provides top-tier intruder products suitable for a range of market segments and vertical applications. These include everything from residential and SOHO (small office/ home office) solutions, to commercial, healthcare, seaports, airports, and critical infrastructure applications.

  • Motion detectors – these devices work in collaboration with the security control panel and can instigate the activation of alarms, lights, cameras, or an audio device.
  • Glass break detectors – this is a sensor that detects the sound of breaking glass and activates an alarm.
  • Keypads – the keypad is how you interact with your alarm system. Through the keypad you can arm/disarm your system, and activate/deactivate devices.
  • Door contacts – these devices detect when a door or window opens or closes.

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